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quotation of the week no. 49/2020

“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself... The more you learn, the more you'll earn.”

                               Warren Buffett             

I wish you vital investment.


quotation of the week no. 48/2020

  “A tendency to fly too straight at a goal, instead of circling around it, often carries one too far.”

                               Lin Yutang              

I wish you circular directions.


quotation of the week no. 47/2020

 “It helps when we can meet others as they are, not as we expect them to be.”

                               Edith Eva Eger              

I wish you meetings free of any expectations.


quotation of the week no. 46/2020

“Breakthroughs come when people learn how to take the time to stop and examine their assumptions.”

                               Peter M. Senge               

I wish you boomy breaks.


quotation of the week no. 45/2020

“A problem is not something to be solved; it is a message to be listened to.”

                               Alan Seale               

I wish you double-bottomed wisdom.